Bone Broth: Did you know your ramen soup is packed with healthy nutrients?

Bone Broth: Did you know your ramen soup is packed with healthy nutrients?

One of our favourite things about the cooler weather is warming up over a hot bowl of soup, especially a tasty bone broth. Bone broth has been around for centuries, but just recently it’s gained a lot of attention by foodies, health nuts, naturopaths, and is heavily used in specific lifestyle diets like the popular ketogenic. Not only is bone broth now trendy, it’s full of flavour and  packed with health benefits to keep you immune system on point! At Nomiya, our Ramen starts with a hearty pork bone broth that is simmered each day for over 8 hours, to ensure all the healthy and flavor benefits. On top of being plain delicious, here are three bone broth miracles you need to know:


A Healthy Outside Starts from the Inside

You know the saying, and we hate to break it to you but it’s true. Getting healthy always starts from the inside, and bone broth is your key to starting this [natural] detox. It’s known for its properties for healing leaky gut syndromes (when your intestinal lining is damaged, letting things pass through that shouldn’t, and ultimately causing internal inflammation), and in return can re mediate health issues like arthritis, eczema, migraines, muscle pain and chronic fatigue, and the gelatin it contains soothes your gut.  But why stop there? It’s a great source of several amino acids that are otherwise hard to come-by, protects your joints via the glucosamine it’s packed with preventing osteoarthritis, and the calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium strengthens your bones. Still not convinced? Keep reading!


Beauty is in the eye of the broth

Once the broth cleans your insides, it naturally enhances your outsides, or in other words your natural beauty! Say it with us C O L L A G E N. Bone broth is packed with collagen – this is the stuff that beauty suppliers are selling for outrageous prices – and it is a miracle worker. Say hello to stronger and faster growing hair and nails, and smoother and firmer skin (aka goodbye wrinkles and cellulite). We know, it sounds too good to be true, but trust us when we say it’s good and it’s true.


F E E L the effects

After healing you from the inside out and providing you with top of the line beauty products for next to nothing, bone broth still continues to work for you, and you will feel it (if you haven’t already by this point). The glycine in bone broth is proven to improve your memory and aid in better sleep. On top of this it’s said to boost your energy (this isn’t science behind this, but there are many many testimonials saying an increase of energy after consistently consuming bone broth- we link it to getting more sleep, but we will let you be the judge). After all of this you should be feeling a new natural high, and in doing so you can be confident that you are better than you were.


We love bone broth not only because of its natural healing properties, but for linking our family from generation to generation. Our family recipe is what we use when we make our in-house bone broth. We make it fresh everyday, simmered for eight hours every day and seasoned by our father before we have the go ahead to serve up one bowl (because he has the recipe down to an art!)

* All ramen soup (except the vegetarian ramen) is made with our special pork bone recipe that is simmered for over 8+ hours. Please understand that it is a pork flavoured base and cannot be changed or altered during time of ordering.

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