What is Cup Sake?

What is Cup Sake?

Walk into the alcohol section of any Conbini コンビに (convenience store) in Japan and you’ll find a variety of drinks to choose from. From the staples like beer, whiskey, shochu and sake, the convenience of being able to stop by to grab a drink and a snack on the way home from work is well, convenient.

Recently, one drink has been gaining more and more attention and a growing fan base with the young adults of Japan, Cup Sake. Cup Sake is “in”, as explained by Junko Suzuki of Kyodo News. Sold in 180 ml glass cups with pull-off aluminum tops, Cup Sake was once viewed as “oyaji no sake” (an old man’s sake), but the industry among the younger crowd in Japan has been growing due to the convenience, unique label designs and the premium quality available, ready to go in one cup.

Recently we’ve partnered up with Sake Gami Corp, to introduce our Nomiya Premium Cup Sake Houraisen from the Aichi prefecture, produced and bottled by Sekiya Brewery who are one of the top sake brands in Japan. Yasuhiro Washiyama from Sake Gami Corp. and a sake sommelier describes the premium cup sake as “a smooth, refreshing, creamy and easy to drink sake and pairs perfectly with ramen”. Washiyama goes on to explain, “I believe you guys know how the Japanese people love to drink. Do you know why the sake is in a cup? Because it’s so convenient and so handy. In Japan we can drink beer, wine and sake anytime and everywhere in Japan. Usually in Japan during the beautiful sakura cherry blossom season, we carry these cup sake to enjoy outside”.

We were excited to collaborate to bring this Cup Sake to our guests, working with some local artists to design the labels and give it a truly Nomiya feel. Stop by and try it out served either cold or hot, or come in on Wednesday night, our sake night when all our sake are on special. Cheers!

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