Ramen Edit: Our exciting collab with Chef Jason Lim!

Ramen Edit: Our exciting collab with Chef Jason Lim!


The new year brings new and exciting things for Nomiya, and what better way to kick 2018 off than with bringing some changes to our ramen! At Nomiya we are always striving to perfect our recipes, from the ramen broth to our in house made noodles. Recently Chef Wing met up with famous chef Jason Lim to enhance the flavors of the broth as well as the texture, and consistency of the noodles. We love to expand our knowledge and work with other Ramen chefs to bring Edmonton (what we think is) our best ramen to date!

What’s changed?

1. The broth:

The science behind our Shoyu broth has been refined, and we’ve experimented with packing in a more flavourful punch.

2. The Noodles:

Yes, you will find our fresh homemade noodles have undergone their own transformation as well! Our noodles are now thinner and longer, making them easier to slurp down before the broth gets cold. (A very important factor 😉 )

3. The Toppings:

Wing and Jason worked together to create a mouth watering recipe for both the soft boiled egg and the Chasu (aka slices of pork belly!)

The egg has to be boiled just right so its creamy yolk can flow into the broth, and the Chasu must be cooked at precisely 80 degrees, making it toothpick tender, melt in your mouth, no chewing required, kind of good.

Who is Jason Lim?

Chef Jason Lim is Singapore’s Ramen King- and we mean this quite literally. With ramen being one of his meals every day it’s no surprise he is an expert at making this dish. It has become a staple in his diet (and maybe one would say an obsession), and a passion in which he turned into a career, but he wasn’t always found in the kitchen.


Jason entertained the workforce in roles as a policeman, digital marketing agency owner, and entrepreneur, but it wasn’t until he traveled to Japan for trade shows, that he was introduced to ramen and fascinated by its warm flavours. The dish impacted him so greatly that it changed his course from that trip forward. A true ramen junkie, the dreams of opening a ramen shop if his own began to percolate in his head.


He was already up-to-speed on the technology surrounding making ramen, from his time spent at ramen exhibitions, but he still needed to master the science of making it. So, he invested in an in depth course at the famous Yamato Noodle School in Kagawa. The course emphasised “digital cooking” or precise measurements and procedures to ensure consistency and quality. It taught him everything—how to prepare broth from scratch, make different flavoured oils, and how to make mouth watering chashu. In 2009 he was ready to open Men-Tei.


Three years (and many other business opportunities later), Jason continues to do what he loves for a living, and has begun teaching his skills in courses in Singapore, Japan, Canada and the US. When we found out he was having a course in Vancouver Chef Wing jumped at the opportunity to learn some new techniques and broaden the Nomiya ramen horizons. Together, Wing and Jason worked together to improve each and every bowl ramen served at Nomiya!



We love to learn from other leaders in the ramen world, and our time with Chef Jason Lim has allowed us to perfect our craft of making our freshest and most flavorful bowl of ramen yet. Visit us at one of our 3 locations in Edmonton today and let us know what you think of the changes!

Thanks Jason!

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