Calgary Trail Ramen

Calgary Trail Ramen

Good News! We are rolling out a new menu. Some items on the website might be unavailable.

Prices on site may change without notice. Should there be any discrepancy, prices on physical menu at each location will be used.


Change Chasu Meat to Buta Kakuni Meat + $2.50

Mini Don Buri


Bamboo Shoots $1.00
Buta Kakuni $4.95
Butter $1.00
Chasu $3.75
Corn $1.00
Onions $1.00
Egg $1.75
Kimchi $3.50
Nori $1.25
Wood Ear Fungus $1.00
Minced Pork $3.00
Noodle $3.95
Garlic $1.00
Naruto $1.25